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A course / education in the enchanting world of glass. Our host tells us about the history of glass, about glass making and the history of glassworks itself. We can promise exciting experiences when the environmental crystal is formed and the glass mass gives life to colors and shapes. Our skilled glass blowers show how the millennium craftsmanship works. If you try to blow glass yourself, which depends on how big your group is, you will of course keep your glass items. Glasbrug's shop and exhibition is always open for viewing. Guide in a language other than Swedish can be arranged.

Glass blowing with or without drink and cut.

As a company / group you can come to the glass factory on a fast course / education in the fantastic world of glass. You can choose between glass blowing or glass blowing with some kind of food.:

For larger groups we make a guided glass show where some people may blow a glass balloon that can not be saved but is fun to see.


Team-Building med mingelbuffé, or Refreshments and accessories please ask us.

Build professional relationships with creative work!

Come to us on a playful and creative teambuilding activity with Art as theme. Everyone in the group designs and blows each glass ball that becomes part of a unique artwork. Does it sound exciting?contact us!



This among other things you can create.


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