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The 10 most common questions from the audience / children to our glass blowers.

1.) How hot is it in the glass oven?
The temperature inside the glass oven is 1130 degrees Celsius (2066 Fahrenheit).

2.) What is the glass made of?
The glass consists of sand, soda and lime.

3.) How long have you been working as a glass blower?
I have worked as a glass blower for 43 years.

4.) Have you ever got burned?
Certainly it has happened. But luckily it happens very rarely.

5.) How do you get color on the glass?
The glass is colored with heavy metals (different oxides).

6.) Does it take a long time to learn glass blowing? (It looks so easy!)
Learning glass blowing takes between 4 and 6 years.

7.) Is there any kind of education?
Education is available. Among other things, in Småland (Riksglasskolan i Orrefors).

8.) What is the most difficult glass work you have ever done?
I have made a person in glass, scale 1:1.

9.) Do you have to blow hard?
No, it's all about technique.

10.) Do you design the products manufactured and sold here?
Yes, we do. Yes, we do.


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